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Microdosing Kit 2 – Surrender Kit (1.5g Ground P. Cubensis)


“It’s the season of giving Weedeals will be donating a % of Decembers sales to a local woman’s shelter and if possible please feel free to help spread the joy by donations directly via e-transfer, thank you and Happy Holidays!”

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Microdosing Kit 4 – Integrate Kit (3.75g Ground P. Cubensis)




Kit no. 4: The heightened awareness of self and surroundings that microdosing offers can enable us to find the significance necessary to create and enact rituals for connection. By bringing us to moments of stillness and presence, rituals provide the space through which we can integrate our experiences in daily life, but also our experiences in the enhanced states produced by microdosing. We encourage you to develop your reflective abilities. They will naturally assist your process of integration which consists of identifying threads of significance and the fabric they comprise all together.

Contains: 3.75mg ground P. Cubensis (30 x 25mg doses)

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