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Bonnie and Clyde 2000mg Mushroom Gummies


Microdosing Kit 4 – Integrate Kit (3.75g Ground P. Cubensis)

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Microdosing Kit 2 – Surrender Kit (1.5g Ground P. Cubensis)




Kit no. 2: After you’ve found your threshold and you know what dose is ideal for you, you can take the microdosing experience and integrate it into your life. The best way to do that is to create small rituals. Rituals can be thought of as potential tools to strengthen and support your microdosing practice as they help to facilitate a deeper connection with the here and now. Bringing awareness to the moment through rituals can leave you feeling more grounded, spiritually connected, and aligned with your values, creating inner clarity and increased emotional stability. Integrate is all about setting an intention and creating rituals that work for you in order to achieve what you set your heart to.

Contains: 1.5g ground P. Cubensis (30 x 50mg doses)

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