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sleeBD Melatonin + CBD Raw


Daily Remedy – The Target Relief Roller (200mg CBD)

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Daily Remedy – The Uplift Relief Roller (200mg CBD)




Activated Calm and Destress Remedy
Bottle: 10 ml
CBD: 200 mg

The Uplift contains sunshine in a bottle! The citrus and lavender essential oils activated with full spectrum medical grade CBD will help calm your frazzled nerves and uplift your mood. Small enough to bring anywhere, so you can regain a sense of calm and balance throughout your day.
Recommended Use: Apply to crown of the head, temples, behind the ears and neck. Re-apply as needed.
Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil (cocos nucifera L.), Sweet orange (citrus sinensis),
Bergamot (citrus bergamot), Lavender (lavendula), Full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol).

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